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Junior Golf

Junior Instruction

Our goal is to grow the game of golf and inspire junior golfers. We will provide "Little Golfers" with the fundamentals necessary to allow them to play the game for many years. Students will focus on swing development, short game, golf etiquette, and the rules of golf.

$65 for 1 hour – $45 for 1/2 hour

Group Instruction

Includes 2-6 juniors and lessons are 60 minutes. 
$35 per junior golfer

Junior Lesson Package
$225 (4 Series)

Welcome to the Junior Development Program! During the next couple of weeks we will be hosting a number of junior clinics for the local future ambassadors of the game. Each clinic is catering to making the game as fun as possible for each junior, while also teaching them the many aspects of play the game of golf like their favorite golfers on tour.

Sunday May 3rd - 5PM

Iron Play - Hit the Target Challenge
Based on the biggest collection of clubs in your bag, the iron clinic is based on basic fundamentals of golf. Grip, aim, and setup are a main focus here with pre-shot routine and club selection being a key in development. The challenge this session will be target practice, we will be choosing different targets at different distances, taking what we learn we will try and hit each target, gaining different points for the different targets hit.

Sunday May 10th - 5PM

Chipping - Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge
Short game is the most important aspect of golf. This is where you will take most of your shots, therefore it is broken up into chipping and putting. We will break down chipping into its fundamentals and really practice consistency in the basic swing motion to help get a consistent chip shot. The challenge will be a twist on an old classic, tic-tac-toe.

Sunday May 17th - 5PM

Putting - Ladder Challenge
Putting usually accounts for about half of the strokes taken any time you play golf, so we will be focusing on proper speed and aim control. We will focus on keeping the putting stroke as basic as possible. The Challenge will be a ladder challenge, we will set up zones, and the players will alternate trying to hit in different zones, this will promote good speed control.

Sunday May 24th - 5PM

Driving - Between the Uprights Challenge
It is essential to be in the fairway off the tee, and that's what we are going for. We want to make sure everyone finds the short stuff, not only will it build confidence, but it also makes the game of golf a lot more fun. The challenge for this will be between the uprights, we will focus on making sure the junior is hitting their driver straight, to optimize distance with accuracy.

Sunday June 7th - 5PM

Game Management Clinic -
The Par Challenge Game Management is one of the most overlooked parts of the game of golf. In this session we will be going over what game management is, and how to optimize it to their advantage. Teaching them that every swing should have a purpose, and every choice should be made for a specific reason. The challenge will be the par challenge, we will be putting them in difficult situations where they have a choice, we will explain why we choose the club we do, and their objective is to make a par on the hole.

Every clinic will include personal instruction and prizes for contest winners. If you have any questions, or if you would like to sign up, please feel free to contact Nick Schremser, PGA at (845) 782-7888 ext. 231, or