Hello and welcome to our first monthly membership newsletter!  As a new golf season begins we find ourselves surrounded with all sorts of new opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, try new things and of course another opportunity to beat Par!!      

That being said, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the new faces you will be seeing around the golf club this year.

It is with great pleasure I would like to welcome our new members Mr.Rottkamp, the Han and Viray families as well as returning members the McHugh family. Thank you all for choosing to be part of the membership here at The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge. We look forward to seeing you as often as your busy schedules permit!

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome some of our new team members for the 2017 season. Please join me in officially welcoming Mr.Chris Mallett, as our new Assistant golf professional. Chris has a number of years of experience in the golf business and has committed himself to providing exceptional service to our valued membership here at The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge. If you get the chance, please make it a point to stop by the golf shop and introduce yourselves to Chris as I am sure he welcomes the opportunity to meet you!

Dawn Cudak or “D” as she has come to be known, has been a part of our team for the past year and has graciously accepted the role of Banquet Captain. While Dawn’s new position will afford us additional support for our banquet events, you will still see plenty of her contagious smiles around the club on a regular basis!

As I mentioned in my last note to membership, I would like the overall “theme” for this year to be increased member participation. As part of your membership we offer a number of member events throughout the year which we enjoy hosting very much. That being said it is the members (you) who make our events a success. Our team would very much appreciate your participation in as many events as possible in an effort to validate our hard work and in return we promise to continue to come up with new and creative ways of developing member interaction and celebrating this great game we all love!

Thank you all very much for your continued patronage and we look forward to seeing you all as often as possible!

Until next time,


Upcoming Events

Family Golf Day:
Join us Sunday, April 23rd for the 1st Family Golf Day of the season  In efforts to "grow the game" of golf, The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge will set-up a short course on holes 1-5 perfect for the entire family.  Regardless of age, the short course is designed to make the game more enjoyable and accessible for golfers of all skill levels.  Each hole will measure anywhere from 150-200 yards and have an 8" cup which is twice the size of the standard cup size. Before your round be sure to stop by the clubhouse and play mini golf on our "Little Golfers Course" for your chance to win discounts on golf shop merchandise.

Short Course available starting at 4:00PM. 

To make your tee time or reservation, please contact The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge Golf Shop.

Giving Back:
Throughout the year we will continue to host charitable events.  These events are created and managed by The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge Staff.  Last year included JDRF and the Johnny Maher Foundation. 
We are excited to announce The Golf Club at Mansion Ridge will be a part of The World’s Largest Golf Outing™ (WLGO) on Thursday, April 27thThe event is about having a great day of golf with friends, family and colleagues, while benefiting Fisher House Foundation (FHF) and Arnie’s Army. The two sponsors are Fisher House Foundation, which is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment, and Arnie's Army, an Arnold Palmer inspired charity which provides financial support to institutions and organizations that help children, youth, families, the environment, and the communities in which we live. We look forward to seeing you on May 1st as we raise thousands of dollars for two great causes!”

Chef's Corner

Chef's Tip

Add some cornstarch to your scramble eggs to make them extra creamy and fluffy!

Aerification Update
The update is… NO AERIFICATION!  Yep, your wish has come true and we will not be aerifying greens this spring.  While I am sure this is great news to all of our members, I am also sure that you probably have concerns over the potential down side of not performing a spring aerification. I would like to answer this question by first answering the question of what aerficiation really entails and the numerous benefits. 

Aerification is any action that increases air exchange, be it in liquid or substance. The traditional aerification that you are used to seeing on a golf course is typically a “hollow core aerification” or a “solid tine aerification”. Truth be told we perform several aerification processes throughout the season most people don’t even notice. These additional practices are simply less invasive and time consuming than the typical Hollow Core and Solid Tine aerifcations you have become accustom to hearing about and/or experiencing. 

The benefits of aerification are almost too numerous to mention in a newsletter so in the interest of both your time (as well as my own ;0) I will spare you the details and hit the highlights. They include increased porosity, increased air exchange, gas exchange, drainage, root depth, and numerous plant process efficiencies. A long story short it allows for a stronger and more hardy bentgrass/poa annua plant, which allows us to manipulate the putting surfaces and provide you with a high quality playing surface. 

“Okay, so now that I know what aerification is and some of the benefits, why do you need to put sooo much sand on the greens?” The answer to this question is simple. By creating holes in the green (voids in the playing surface) we allow the opportunity for the soil surrounding the hole the opportunity to fall into the hole creating a “pitting” effect on the green. By topdressing the green with sand and filling the holes we prevent this from happening while at the same time leveling the putting surface by allowing the plant to grow through the sand. 

So now that you know some of the benefits and the “whys”, you should have an idea of some of the potential impact of not aerifying. With this being said, our agronomy team has accessed the soil condition and plant health of our USGA Spec Bentgrass/Poa Annua greens and have decided that we will move forward with simply topdressing the green this spring in an effort to smooth out the putting surface. While we will still be performing the above mentioned “less invasive” aerification processes, we do not feel it necessary to perform the more aggressive Hollow tine and/ or Core aerification processes you might be accustom to. 

Thank you kindly for you attention and as always… please remember to fill your divots and fix your ball marks!